Completed Projects


•Completed production of the book “Now and Then” by Zomala Able. Please go to the book section for more information.

•Completed production of the book “So Your Bitch Is Pregnant” by Eleanor Green Winters. Please go to the book section for more information.


•Beverly Haley

•Diana’s Astro Readings

•So Your Bitch Is Pregnant

•Mendocino Shoeworks


Every week I produce another BobBlast video for the Robert Burridge Studio. Click here to go to the BobBlast Archive page.

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Current Projects

•I am currently doing website consulting for Rick Childs He asked me to replicate an existing website and rebuild it under another domain name. So I cloned the old WordPress install and moved it to a new hosting account. We are in the process of updating the new website as well as doing the SEO (search engine optimization).

•I offered to build a website for a new non-profit called Mendocino At Home, modeled after the national “Village” movement. It’s mission is to provide volunteers to help seniors continue to live independently in their homes. Contact Dick Jaulus at for more information about Mendocino At Home.

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Old Dog / New Tricks

Indie Publishing (book production, design and project management):
I am currently assisting writers in Independent or Self-Publishing.
The cost of producing a book depends on the number of pages, the number of illustrations, whether it is prose or poetry, etc. Tell me what you have in mind, then we have a conversation about your vision!

Mac Computer Issues: 
•I have owned Mac computers since 1995. I am pretty good at troubleshooting and dealing with Mac issues, especially on older Macs, so if you have any Mac issues or problems please track me down.

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