Completed Projects

•I took over Beth Crowley’s web project, I basically had to start over. The website is hosting at SquareSpace, which is supposed to be a website builder for the layperson, but I found it a bit of a nightmare, very poorly engineered, BUT, on the brightside, SquareSpace has a very good eCommerce platform. Click here to take a look.

•I Completed a website for John F Davies​ back in July of 2023.

•Completed production of the book “Not The End – Ripples in Rough Water” by Tyler Simmons. Please go to the book section for more information.

•Completed production of the book “Now and Then” by Zomala Able. Please go to the book section for more information.

•Completed production of the book “So Your Bitch Is Pregnant” by Eleanor Green Winters. Please go to the book section for more information.

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Current Projects

•Art Consulting & Mentoring: I have always enjoyed sharing my art stories with others, especially those who just started on their art journey. Recently a retired doctor stopped by the Fine Line Gallery (which is one of three galleries of the La Cumbre Center for Creative Arts art collective in Santa Barbara) where I am a member. We had a very long talk about art and he asked if I would be his teacher, I was taken aback, but said yes. He practiced medicine for 50 years and finally had time to pursue art, which had been a lifelong dream. I would be happy to talk with you if you need help on your path as an artist email me at

I am currently working on a collection of short stories and a poetry book for Daphne Rose Kingma, who has written a number of self help books and a novel. Click here to view a list of her books.

•I am currently a member of the art collective La Cumbre Center for Creative Arts in Santa Barbara. I have been putting together short videos for the artists. Click here to view the videos!

Doing a lot of video production and web updates for my main client Robert Burridge Studio

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Old Dog / New Tricks

Self-Publishing Books (book production, design and project management):
I am currently assisting writers in Independent or Self-Publishing.
The cost of producing a book depends on the number of words, the number of illustrations, whether it is prose or poetry, etc. Tell me what you have in mind, then we have a conversation about your vision!

Mac Computer Issues: 
•I have owned Mac computers since 1995. I am pretty good at troubleshooting and dealing with Mac issues, especially on older Macs, so if you have any Mac issues or problems please track me down.

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