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 Book production, design and project management.

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I have recently starting publishing books for the Indie Publishing (self-publishing) market. Finding Los Olivos was my first project, it was a bit daunting so we hired Erick & Jennifer Wand at Graphics by Erick to take over the complex project, I acted as the project manager. I soon dove into my first book project Attempting Flight. The cost of producing a book depends on the number of word, the number of illustrations, whether it is prose or poetry. If you have a book you have been wanting to self-publish please track me down for a free hour consultation so you can get your bearing…

Not The End – Ripples in Rough Water
by Tyler Simmons

Tyler Simmons was born with it all… including a surprise even he didn’t know was lurking in the shadows. A condition, an affliction, indeed a “gift” few people have known the depths of. Bipolar Disorder, Manic Depression — or “Mad Dog” as he calls it. Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll… he’s seen it all, from both sides of the river, but somehow managed to thrive. Join Tyler for a roller coaster ride of an adventure few have survived. But always remember — this is “Not the End.” Available on Amazon books.

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Now and Then
Poems and Songs
A Random Selection
by Zomala Abell

Zomala Abell celebrates her 80th birthday with the publication of “Now and Then”. She has been writing since her teen years. This is, however, her fi rst book. She has visions and plans for many more. Zo has lived on the Mendocino Coast for more than 50 years. She has been a mother, daughter, grandmother, communard, caregiver, traveler, sister, friend, community activist, meditator, educator, lesbian, doodler, dreamer, lover, hard worker and lazy, among other identities. Right now, other than having fun with grand kids and friends, and dealing with the environmental emergency, writing poetry is her work and her passion. Now and Then is available on Amazon books.

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Finding Los Olivos
by Joanna March Bard Newton

I was project manager on this book on behalf the non-profit Friends of the Bard Mansion. Graphics by Graphics by Erick. Available on the Book Store.

This book brings to you the life of a man who put his thoughts and experiences into a line-a-day diary from 1883 to 1945. Being the first grandchild, and having spent more time than my siblings with my grandparents, I was given possession of the diary by my mother, Joanna March Boyd Bard, many years ago. I have been on this project for a long time, and I am so pleased that it has finally come to fruition. I have chosen to put the story in first person, knowing this wonderful man as I did, and wanting to bring his experiences and reflections to life as I feel he lived it.

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Warrior / Queen
by Daphne Rose Kingma

I produced this book. Book cover design & layout co-designed by Bo von Hohenlohe & Daphne Rose Kingma.
Now available on CreateSpace Book Store and Amazon Books.

In unexpected circumstances, in an office, in a classroom, in the boardroom, a man and woman meet, and suddenly their encounter seems much more than ordinary. Against convention and even their own principles, they find themselves drawn into a romantic engagement that reveals the true depth of their attraction. In stolen moments, against the backdrop of their current circumstances, they remember the lives in which they knew one another before—when she was an Italian noblewoman and fell in love with her father’s horseman, when they were struggling peasants in a war-torn country, as soldiers who rode out to battle side by side and then died minutes apart—and most powerfully, in the life in which he was a Warrior, she was his Queen. Poignant, evocative, exquisitely rendered, Warrior/Queen will call up the meetings in your own life that were more than ordinary, encounters in which for a moment or a season, you reconnected with a soul your own soul had been searching for for aeons.

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So Your Bitch Is Pregnant
by Eleanor Green Winters

I produced this book. Back cover design by Bo von Hohenlohe, front cover design by Jeff Borden.
Now available on Amazon Books.


I’ve never had puppies. What if something goes wrong? What do I need? I can’t keep all the pups!

If you have these panicked thoughts, start here!

SO YOUR BITCH IS PREGNANT is a reassuring overview from pregnancy to placement, filled with practical tips to make it all easier for you while enjoying the magic of having your first litter of pups.

”I called for advice the day I found out my Aussie was pregnant. That very night she went into labor. Eleanor, you were an incredible guide and mentor for me through my puppy raising. You kept me sane!! I can never thank you enough!”
—Angie (Grateful owner of an “oops” litter)

“Reading your book on our way home from San Francisco and I am LOVING IT. Your keep-it-simple philosophy and your humor shine through so well. I keep laughing out loud!!”
—Leah Mireles (Ok. So She is my Grandmother)

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Attempting Flight
by Raven Wolfe

I produced this book. Book cover design and layout co-designed by Bo von Hohenlohe & Raven Wolfe.
Now available on CreateSpace Book Store and Amazon Books.

•In She Was Killed by Cabbages, a tough young woman living in the Salinas Valley finds love with a horse whisperer.

•A woman deals with the profound loss of her eyesight and her attempt to learn what and who to trust in the story Accidental Clarity.

•Attempting Flight begins with a woman flying to her father’s funeral. It is the story of a young teenager, just beginning to uncover family secrets and her somewhat questionable attempt to escape her life.

•Porter, while taking an early morning walk, discovers a naked woman doing yoga in her backyard. Annabel Embraces the Day, tells the story of his search for connection with her.

•The End of the Journey recounts the author’s experience in one of the baths in Istanbul.

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