Website Production & Maintenance

I produce, maintain and host websites. I also take over the maintenance duties of older websites, if you need help updating your old legacy website or if you want a new mobile compliant website let me know. I also build out Facebook business pages. I specialize in art related websites.

Mobile Compliant Websites

•Beth Crowley

•John F Davies


•Beverly Haley

•So Your Bitch Is Pregnant

•Roberta Fabiano

•Raven Wolfe


Jill Sattler

•Triza Schultz

•Daphne Rose Kingma

•Raven Wolfe

•Kristen Jensen Studio

•Cynthia James

•Bo von Hohenlohe

• • •

Legacy Websites (produced & maintained by me)

Deborah Salt

H. Travers Newton, Jr

John Cushing

Lina Koch Jewelry

The Rainbow Ark Foundation

• • •

Website Maintenance (I didn’t produce but maintain)

Lisa Lebow

Flying Snake Circle

Fyrehouse Dalmatians

• • •