Video Production

Weekly BobBlast Videos

The videos below I have produced for the Robert Burridge Studio. Kate, Bob’s wife, films the session using her iPhone, sends me the clips, the opening and closing credits on Word docs, and the custom thumbnail for the YouTube video; I then join the clips, edit the video and audio tracks, add the credits, save the master as a streaming version for YouTube, then upload to BobBlast Channel on YouTube. To view all the videos click here to go to the Weekly BobBlast Archive.

The BobBlast Issue #251
“Bob’s Juror Notes – Part One – Paint a Series”
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Weekly BobBlast #250
“Freedom Painting – Part Two”
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Weekly BobBlast #249
 “Freedom Painting – Prepping the Studio”
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Bard Family Videos

These are videos I put together with my cousin Georgia Pulos and my Aunt Joanna Bard Newton.

The History of Rancho Los Olivos
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Memories of the Bungalow
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