Video Production

 Video Production & Editing

The videos below I have produced for the Robert Burridge Studio. Kate, Bob’s wife, films the session using her iPhone 6 Plus, sends me the clips, the opening and closing credits on Word docs, and the custom thumbnail for the YouTube video; I then join the clips, edit the video and audio tracks, add the credits, save the master as a streaming version for YouTube, then upload to their YouTube channel. To view all the videos click here to go to the Weekly BobBlast Archive. I have done editing on other videos along the way, I will post them at a later date.

The BobBlast Issue #126
“Neutral Colors from the Burridge Goof-Proof Color Wheel.”
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Weekly BobBlast #115
“Bob’s Painting Improv – Three Faces.”
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Weekly BobBlast #100
“Reading in your Studio.”
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