Bo at Lucinda Lane Studio, Santa Barbara, CA

I am primarily a painter and a sculptor, click here to view my art. My corporate art sales plummeted at the end of 1990 along with a mini-recession and the Gulf War. I tripped along for a few years barely making it as an artist. Early in 1995 an old friend Trudi Jousson, who ran the Seaside Gallery in Bar Harbor, Maine, was
growing weary of the many years selling tourists art, called me up and offered to pick up a computer and scanner and suggested I scan my archive of transparencies, print out sell sheets, and she would hit the road and try to sell my art. Well I did just that, I figured out how to use a Mac, scan and process the images, and learned to use a high end printer. So Trudi moved out to Santa Barbara, gathered up the sell sheets, and hit the road. A few weeks later she came back and sold not one painting nor acquired one commission. So I said, my god, what are we going to do, and she said let’s put up a gallery on the internet and called it TranzArt.com, so that’s what we did. I had no idea what I was doing so I copied the code off a website I liked, learned to write out code for the new website, commissioned my cousin John Cushing make a logo, and since I grew up in Santa Barbara and knew a lot of artists I began to go down the list. Slowly but surely we acquired a stable of artists, each paying $350 a year for nine images and a bio. Within a year one of our clients, Robert Burridge wanted his own domain name and his own website, so I was off and running on registering domain names and building websites. Since mid 1995 the computer is turned on before I get dressed every morning, which is kind of pathetic, doing art in the afternoons and evening. The business has slowly evolved into not only website production and maintenance but graphic design, video editing, and now book production. Anyway. This is the story of how I got where I am today.